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At Digs Rod Shop, your passion for automotive excellence meets our expertise in creating award-winning restoration masterpieces

Discover Unparalleled Restoration Excellence

Embarking on your automotive restoration journey can be challenging. Finding the perfect team to bring your vision to life is crucial. At Digs Rod Shop, we understand this. Whether you’re here through a trusted referral or your quest for the finest in the field, we’re here to ensure seamless communication and a deep understanding of your aspirations.

Who We Serve

  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners: You’ve achieved success and know the value of expert craftsmanship. We’re here to bring this precision to your automotive dreams.
  • Retired Visionaries: Your passion for classic beauty is matched by our commitment to restoration perfection.
  • Young Enthusiasts: With a keen eye and the means for exceptional quality, we help you create show-stopping vehicles.
  • Prestigious Car Owners: When only the best will do, Digs Rod Shop is your go-to team for top-tier automotive care.

Our Mission

To be the leading provider of automotive reproduction and restoration services in the United States. We blend traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation to deliver unparalleled results.

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Ready to start your automotive restoration journey? Contact Digs Rod Shop today. Let’s discuss how we can turn your dream project into a breathtaking reality.