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Bigbee's 58 T-Bird

This 1958 Ford Thunderbird is, as many of the restorations here at Dig’s Rod Shop, full of sentiment. This car was passed from one generation to the next. Greg, the newly appointed custodian of the family T-Bird, contacted Dig’s after hearing about our team’s know-how and knack to revive this classic automobile. Once the Project Management team had heard the narrative and established a clear vision for this project, they devised a plan for the ‘58 and set it into motion.

For the next 11 months, the car was completely disassembled, sorted, cataloged, mounted to the rotisserie, and then media blasted. That’s when the Fabrication Department took over. Because not all of the replacement sheet metal panels were available, many of the repair areas were handcrafted in-house here at Dig’s. After the metal work was complete it continued to the Body and Paint department where it received its original paint color combination: Cameo Rose and White, with a subtle, custom touch of White Pearl, with a hand-painted Betty Boop to give it that unique effect. Once all components were painted, it was moved to the Reassembly area, where all the pieces were inspected, cleaned, and polished. This car received a new reproduction interior kit, wiring harness, glass, weather stripping, aftermarket Vintage Air A/C system, full exhaust, new tires, rechromed bumpers, among many other upgrades.

Greg is thrilled to have this restored family heirloom back on the road and is looking forward to the day he can pass it along to the next generation, continuing the ‘58 T-Bird legacy.